Engine oils with Volkswagen Oil Standard 502.00 approval available in North America. Manufacturer. Brand Name. Viscosity. Available at authorized Volkswagen dealers. Volkswagen Part No. ZVW 352 540S. 5W-40. Castrol. Castrol Syntec.
Motorové oleje dle normy vw (Škoda,seat,audi) vw 504.00/507.00. Široká nabídka motorových olejů za top ceny. Doprava zdarma a doručení do 24 hodin u vybraných produktů.

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VW 507.00 is a low-ash oil specification required for use in all modern TDI clean-diesels made since 2009. Please enter your vehicle above to shop for parts. Oil Approvals. BMW LL-04 GM dexos2 Mercedes 229.5 Mercedes 229.51 Mercedes 229.52 VW 505.00 VW 505.01 VW 507.00. Sort By.
The VW 504.00 507.00 Motor Oil 1 Liter you need plus free tech help from true VW experts. Same day shipping. Order on-line or call today!

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Find Castrol Edge Engine Oil; 5W-30 LL Synthetic; 1 Quart 15C52E at discount prices in our extensive auto parts catalog. AutohausAZ offers a large selection of Castrol Edge parts online. Meets Specifications: M/B 229.31 & 229.51, Audi/VW 504.00 & 507.00, Porsche C30. Fits Audi, Dodge, Mercedes, Porsche, VW. 06669 5W30
VW 0500 / 501 01 / 502 00 / 503 00 / 504 00 / 505 00 / 505 01 / 506 00 / 506 01 / 507 00 / 508 00 / 508 88 / 509 00 and 509 99. Tip: SOME ENGINE OILS LISTED ON THE ATTACHMENT MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE IN THE NORTH AMERICAN MARKET. Please refer to ElsaPro to select the appropriate oil required for each Volkswagen vehicle/engine combination. Warranty

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MOTUL SPECIFIC 504 00 507 00 0W-30. 100% Synthetic lubricant - Fuel Economy & High performance - specially designed for VAG group recent cars (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat) requiring an approved VW 504 00 507 00 lubricant. Compatible with DPF and SCR systems. Benefits: Fuel Economy and reduction of CO2 emissions.
Manufacturer Approval: BMW Longlife-04, MB 229.51, Porsche C30, VW 504 00, VW 507 00, VW TL 52 195. MANNOL Engine Oil. Item number MN7715-1. Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 5,83. Our price £ 5,83. Details.

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SynPower XL-IV C5 0W-20 is a full synthetic engine oil with long-drain technology for the latest euro IV and euro V diesel engines equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and/or three way catalyst (TWC) technology. SynPower XL-IV C5 0W-20 meets the Volkswagen Automotive Group (VAG) engine oil requirements of VW 508.00/509.00 for Audi ...
Havoline ProDS V SAE 5W-30 is recommended for vehicles reuiring VW 504 00/ 507 00 approved engine oil,in practice also called VW Longlife III oils and is backwards compatible with other active and obsolete VW-Audi engine oil specifications. Havoline ProDS V SAE 5W-30 may not be suitable for some engines.

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3,74 € par litre. Plus. 10/10 Établi à partir de 3360 notes utilisateurs. EAN: 4036021579191. N° de référence: MN7919-5. MANNOL LEGEND, EXTRA Huile moteur VW 507 00 0W-30, Capacité: 5I. Gamme de produits: LEGEND.
507 00 even if equipped with a DPF. These engines should use oils meeting Volkswagen standard 506 01 (eg. Castrol Professional Longtec LongLife II 0W-30) for both LongLife and Time and Distance servicing regimes. "so i interpret that as either oil being fine No. AXD and AXE engines 506.01 BNZ and BPC engines 507.00 That's it, no exceptions ...

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Oct 25, 2017 · VW 507.00, VW 504.00, etc: Spécifications Volkswagen Motor Oil expliqué Note: Ceci est une explication détaillée et une comparaison des spécifications de l’huile moteur VW. Si vous êtes intéressé par les descriptions courtes, vérifiez ici .
VW 507.00, 5W-30. Engine oil capacity, liter. 3.8. Oil change interval, mile. 8,000 to 10,000. Applications. Audi A1; Seat Ibiza, Toledo IV; Skoda Fabia III, Rapid (2012); Volkswagen Polo V. 1.4 TDI EA288 Volkswagen Engine Problems and Reliability. The issues and problems are the same as four-cylinder EA288 engines have. This engine produces ...

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Dec 7, 2016. #11. Adscali said: Hi there, just for anyone who is interested. Vw comercial customer care just confirmed. That my cali 2.0tdi 140 takes 7 litres of oil on a oil and filter change. spec vw 507 00. Also holds 11 litres of coolant.
If they do then it'll be the VW 507.00 oil only. Always unsure what oil to buy as so many to choose from under the VW specs, and then wondering whether to stick with the original PD spec or use the 507.00 as it may offer better protection as it's a newer and possibly more advanced oil?!

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Mobil 1™ ESP 5W-30 an advanced performance synthetic engine oil designed to help provide exceptional cleaning power, wear protection and overall performance. Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30 has been expertly engineered to help prolong the life and maintain the efficiency of emission systems in both diesel and gasoline powered automobiles.
High Performance Engine Oil. Developed for modern Diesel & Gasoline engines with particulate filters. * Approvals & Specifications Original VW 0W-30 Longlife 3 FE: VW 504 00 / 507 00 * Always observe the operating instructions of your vehicle with regard to the prescribed engine oil viscosity and the predetermined specifications.

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Applications . Backwards compatible: 504.00 and 507.00 supersedes all previous VW specifications (502.00, 503.00, 503.01, 505.00, 506.00 and 506.01).All vehicles in the VAG Group (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda) with extended oil drain intervals (30.000 km or 2 years) from 2007 onwards.Note: For V10 TDI and 5-cylinder 2.5 TDI engines, prior to 2007, where the 506.01 specification has to be used ...
or "Which transmission oil?", the LIQUI MOLY Oil Guide has the answer. After all, not everyone instantly understands approvals, specifications and viscosities such as 0W-30, 5W-30, 10W-40 etc. No problem at all! In just a few easy steps, our Oil Guide helps you find the right engine oil, as well as other suitable products from our full range.
Volkswagen oil Approval VW 504 00 / Volkswagen oil Approval VW 507 00 . Mobil 1™ ESP 5W-30 is a fully synthetic low ash oil approved by Volkswagen for petrol cars requiring the VW 504 00 oil standard and approved for diesel cars requiring the VW 507 00 oil standard. Learn more.
Hi, Does anyone know if genuine MB 229.51 oil matches the required or approved spec for VW 507 00 oil by any chance? I ask as I have the best part of 15 litres left over from a 20 litre "lube cube" of genuine MB oil and it would be great if I could use it.
MOTUL SPECIFIC 504 00 507 00 0W-30. 100% Synthetic lubricant - Fuel Economy & High performance - specially designed for VAG group recent cars (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat) requiring an approved VW 504 00 507 00 lubricant. Compatible with DPF and SCR systems. Benefits: Fuel Economy and reduction of CO2 emissions.

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