Southeast of Cairns, the snorkelling off Moreton Island is best known for the numerous shallow wrecks. The Tangalooma Wrecks consist of fifteen wrecks that were partially sunk in 1963 to create a manmade reef. These wrecks on the edge of the sandbar include old steam dredges and barges.
The Moreton Bay Marine Park artificial reefs have finally been completed. They vary significantly in composition, with the hull of a 24m ex tuna boat, rocks, pipes, reef balls, fish caves and fish box clusters making up the materials from which they are made. Once again we have grouped together the GPS coordinates to make everyone's life that much easier.

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0:00 / 12:43. Live. •. Flinders Reef, Moreton Bay Marine Park, QLD, Australia. Flinders Reef a sub-tropical reef located just off Moreton Island. CoralWatch got involved monitoring this amazing site. YouTube. CoralWatch.
Located on the exposed eastern side of Brisbane's Moreton Island, China Wall is an unusual dive site for the area as the reef is dominated by kelp rather than coral. Waving beds of brown kelp are more common in southern Australia and these ones look very out of place with tropical fish swimming around them.

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List of reefs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Locations of coral reefs around the world. This is an incomplete list of notable reefs. YouTube Encyclopedic ...
miles off the coast of Cape Moreton. Due to severe storm conditions at the time, much of the oil was dispersed or washed past nearby coral communities (DERM 2009), but latent long-term effects of the event are not known. Major areas of oil accumulation included Moreton Island to Bribie Island and north to Point Arkwright

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We see Dugongs quite regularly in Moreton Bay when we head over to North Stradbroke Island ( in fact the coastal tourist drive in Brisbane around Moreton Bay has a Dugong for its symbol). However as the others have mentioned its usually a fleeting glance and not something I would dive off the boat to experience.
Snorkeling in Moreton Bay, Australia. Posted on June 6, 2015 by Will Gons. 2. In a free guidebook, we saw a picture of shipwrecks jutting out of crystal clear water in Moreton Bay. I visioned us kayaking around the wrecks and jumping in to snorkel the artificial reefs.

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Distribution. Reefs in the Coral Sea to off Moreton Bay, Queensland; also Christmas Island in the eastern Indian Ocean. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical Indo-west Pacific, from Reunion Island and the Maldives, east to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Marshall Islands, New Caledonia, and north to southern Japan.
This programme will start as soon as the boat has left the capital of Queensland and reached its first coral reefs on its way North. On 28-29 March, the expedition will quickly anchor off Moreton Bay Research Station on Stradbroke island, off Brisbane river.

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Re: artificial reefs in moreton bay. This is a list of the gear put down at Curtin Artificial and the date of placement. 12/8/68 Amsterdam Barge Dumb Barge 18 x 8 m. 14 to 30/8/68 36 Steel Pontoons 7 x 2 m. 1/69 Concrete Pipes. 15/2/69 Lady Norman Self Propelled Barge 40 x 7 m. 7/3/70 2000 tyres. 29/11/70 60+ Car bodies.
Pacific Reef-Heron: 3: 17 Feb 2020: Stephen Murray Moreton Island National Park--North Point (Cape Moreton) 259: White-cheeked Honeyeater: 5: 17 Feb 2020: ... Continental Shelf off Moreton Island. 395: Buller's Shearwater: 1: 11 Feb 1984: Tony Palliser Continental Shelf off Moreton Island. 396: White-tailed Tropicbird: 1: 10 Jun 1983:

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Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island, near Brisbane, Queensland. Purposefully created by local fishermen back in 1963 (in order to create a breakwater), the 15 sunken ships that together form the Tangalooma Wrecks (just off Moreton Island near Brisbane) have over time become a fabulous spot for a bit of snorkelling action.
The eastern king prawn recruits to the Moreton Bay fishery in October/November each year with larger prawns recruiting to the offshore areas in the following 2 to 3 months (Courtney et al 2002). Seasonally late recruitment from Moreton Bay in 2002 could account for the low effort in the shallow water areas around Moreton Island and Caloundra.

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Sand bar Artificial reef off the Bermuda Triangle coast of Queensland that caught 16 comprising 15 ships. FTFY. Apart from that, perfect OP! More info in this thread. That makes a lot more sense. You'd think after the first few ships got stuck there the next captain might just, you know, go around them.
ATSB yet to find cause of Cessna 182 crash off Moreton Island. ... The pilot made a mayday call at 4:26pm east of Flinders Reef while descending through 300 feet at a ground speed of 115 knots.

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2 days ago · Tips on water temp and depth for flathead Southern Moreton Bay The fishing has been going reasonably well, having caught a few nice fish in the shallows around the Moreton Bay islands. When we talk about shallows, we’re fishing in water depths of 2-6m for squire or snapper and anything from 0.5-2m for flathead.
map gps marks fishing Brisbane & Moreton Bay Queensland

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Set off to meet humpback whales which, every year, travel around 20,000 km to reproduce in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef. During your excursion, also enjoy some free time on Moreton Island and be enchanted by the scenery of this paradise island combining sandy beaches, palm trees and clear waters.
This full day wildlife cruise package is the perfect gift idea for any occasion for a fun day out on the water. Dolphin, Turtle and Dugong spotting off Moreton Island, with a guided snorkelling tour along the 15 scuttled ships called the Tangalooma Wrecks, and some relaxing beach time. The certificate includes tea, coffee & biscuits upon boarding, a Chicken & Prawn buffet lunch and a tropical ...
The hulk is part of an artificial reef off Moreton Island. 1891: Old Company amalgamated with John See and Company to form North Coast Steam Navigation Company operating ocean going vessels. 1946: Tug boat "Waree" wrecked while crossing in to seek shelter from storm. Remains later covered by north breakwall.
Typical of mid winter there is not much to report on the gamefish front from South East Queensland. There has been the odd striped marlin and medium sized black marlin tagged or seen on the wide offshore grounds by both gamefishermen and bottom fishing anglers in the deeper locations like the 42 and 50 fathom reefs off the Gold Coast, Deep Tempest off Moreton Island and the Hards off the ...
Best fishing reefs (northern tip Moreton Island) Best fishing reefs (northern tip Moreton Island) saltwater; By fishing-mavericks, June 17, 2009 in Saltwater ... there is a rocky outcrop, steer clear of that, 300/400 mtrs off moreton should see you go round without any troubles at all, just be aware of the conditions, it can be a bad place ...

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