Trust Me (Katsuki Bakugou x Reader) DISCONTINUED. As we all know, Katsuki Bakugou is known to have a hot temper, is cocky, and likes to destroy things. Y/N, a kind, quiet, and cheerful girl. They both met when they were children but Y/N had to move away because of her Father's business and because of an incident that happened.
i write Bakugou x reader scenarios. We are all bros in this blog. ... Hey can you write a domestic Bakugo x Wife reader where their kids get lived on at school and Bakugo goes storming in the school screaming with his wife behind him looking very embarrassed. ... It was nice to bask in the quiet as you breathed in the fresh air to calm down ...

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Dad!bakugou x fem!Reader A series. Summary: When Bakugou leaves an ugly divorce, leaving him as a single dad he never can imagine himself finding love again, not when he was never actually in love.People manipulate and lie and he can't trust anyone but those close to him and now protect what he has left.

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A silence fell over the room and Bakugou sat up, mulling over the possibility. Fallen Angels were incredibly rare. A large group appeared when Lucifer fell down from Heaven to create Hell, but now, they were pretty much non-existent.
Apr 05, 2021 · Pairing: Kirishima x reader, kiribaku x reader, Bakugo x reader, Bakugo x kirishima. Kirishima’s scarlet red eyes opened for the first time that morning, not out of free will though. His sleepy eyes looked down at his omega, his face scrunching up in worry as soon as his eyes landed on you.


See more posts like this on Tumblr. #bnha fluff #bnha headcanons #bnha x reader #mha headcanons #mha imagines #mha x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader #bakugou x reader #my hero academia x reader #boku no hero x reader #x reader #bnha x you #headcanon #avatar the last airbender #bnha fanfiction ... Hithoshi is a quiet kid, ...
A silence fell over the room and Bakugou sat up, mulling over the possibility. Fallen Angels were incredibly rare. A large group appeared when Lucifer fell down from Heaven to create Hell, but now, they were pretty much non-existent.

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Pyrophyte - Bakugou x Plant Quirk Reader. Bakugou trains with you to strengthen your plants and make them resistant to fire - fluff. Warnings: Swearing (it's Bakugou) Originally posted by offlineno-bakugou. The evening sunlight filtered through your window casting your dorm room in a calming, orange glow.
Aug 04, 2021 · pairing: bakugou x reader, hawks x reader, dabi x reader. summary: the first time he sees/meets you ... who bobbed your head gently to the quiet background music of ...

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♕ STARRY NIGHTS . a shinsou hitoshi x gender!neutral reader smau. love can be a fickle, complicated, confusing thing. when shinsou decides to give it a shot by using a matchmaking service, he's afraid that everything that can go wrong, will. even as he makes even bigger changes to himself and his life, he's determined to find his one—here's to hoping that's you.
bakugou katsuki x fem reader | wc 1.7k. cw smut, dark/ yandere bakugou, dubcon, stockholm syndrome, implied kidnapping, spanking, oral (f rec), fingering. characters are aged up.. a/n bkg isn't even super dark in this, he's just a man in love ;(. MINORS, AGELESS & BLANK BLOGS DO NOT INTERACT. 18+ ONLY. "I know it hurts, honey," Bakugou placates, voice uncharacteristically quiet and ...

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Pairing: Katsuki Bakugou x reader . When someone thought about the term Alpha their was an image that would come to mind. Someone aggressive and strong. A bold personality with a territorial need to be above anyone else in their pack. Confident and cocky. Someone like Katsuki Bakugou.
Jun 01, 2020 · thank you so much, i’m glad you like my writing. ♥️ thanks for requesting! ― tamaki amajiki. ∴ he adores your quirk!!! ∴ this boy uses you like his own little anxiety reliever. ∴ we all know he’s an anxious, nervous boy so who better to be there than someone with a quirk that can relax him!!! ∴ its like a flower garden, nature ...

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Bakugou X Reader | Bakugou Wins. This is a sequel to this story. Todoroki version. Masterlist. Once you are with him, his pride will swell up to unhealthy levels. Unhealthy, for poor Todo because we know how Katsu is. But he won't do it in front of you at all, far from it. He'll make sure that you don't even get a hint of it.
Sep 21, 2021 · Muzzle (Bakugou x Sister!Reader) Summary: In which you see Katsuki muzzled at the Sports Festival and decide to do something about. “YEAH! KICK HIS ASS KATSU!” You screamed excitedly, the people around staring at you like you were some lunatic. It was the final match. Todoroki vs Bakugou and oh boy it was getting good.

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Katsuki Bakugou x Reader (kind of) . Prompt: The hero hurts the villain and leaves them scared.Years later they find out and have to face the truth. Plot: You, a villain, get injured and have to face Bakugou who hurt you many years ago.You explain how he hurt you both mentally and physically.
presented | k.bakugou. ♡ pairing: katsuki bakugou x fem!reader. ♡ word count: 13.3K ♡ rating: mature, 18+, mdni. ♡ genre: fantasy!au, dragon king!au, angst, fluff + smut. ♡ summary: on the twenty-first birthday of katsuki bakugou, an offering is made in his honour as he becomes chief of the dragons. clans usually offer up sacrifices of berries or nuts, salts and fresh catches. but ...

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I had a dream last night involving bakugou and perv!deku and kind of wanted to share. Though for this I’ll make it x reader. (Yes my dreams are long and often very vivid, It’s a whole thing, anyways- enjoy.) TW: Voyeurism, Sub and Dom Bakugou and Reader. Perv!Deku. Use of strap, collar, peep hole, anal, oral, Afab reader, use of Mommy and ...
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"Dude" — Bakugou Katsuki x Reader. Summary : Your former bully, Midori, has confessed her undying love for one of the most famous guys at U.A.; you're just venting gossiping about it with Mei, not knowing Bakugou Katsuki is right around the corner, listening;
Nov 12, 2020 · See more posts like this on Tumblr. #bnha #bnha headcanons #bnha imagines #todoroki shouto #todoroki x reader #bakugou katsuki #bakugou x reader #kirishima x reader #I did it #among us au #todoroki shouto headcanons #todoroki shoto imagine #bakugou headcanons #bakugou imagine #Kirishima Eijirou More you might like
nobodyw8s4evr said: Can I request a Bakugou x Reader where the reader is small as heck and gets lost in the crowd a lot, much to their displeasure. And Bakugou gets sick of losing them in a crowd and...

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